Compare the File Transfer Methods

Files Direct vs. other file transfer methods
  FilesDIRECT FTP Software Disk Copy E-Mail Attachments
Secure SSL-based encryption      
Fast & Easy to Use. One-Click-Send      
Transfer files from anywhere anytime  
Easy to configure    
Low Cost    
Company Co-branding      
Embedded into your web site      
Free Trial / Evaluation service      
Instant e-mail confirmation to sender      
Instant e-mail notifcation to receiver      
Easy File Management tool      
Powerful reporting functionality      
High Speed file Transfer    
Typical firewall and proxy pass-thru    
Supports large files  
No software needed to transfer data    
Recipient can be offline while sending  
Supports multiple platforms  
Send Direct from client desktop    

- Receive Large Files

It is commonplace now to receive large files over the Internet. Unfortunately, Email is the most popular method to receive large files, but it is very unreliable and ineffective if the files are relatively large. Printers, graphics artists, lawyers, video production companies, music production companies, and many other corporations may benefit by using FilesDIRECT to receive large files from their customers and associates. Instead of having to email large files, which are never delivered if the size of the file is too large, these companies can use FilesDIRECT services. 

FilesDIRECT was designed with the concept that the account holder may receive large files from any sender in an easy and reliable way.  Emailing large files is too risky for business transactions and FilesDIRECT makes it easy for the sender to transfer files without the risks.  Senders need not signup or pay for the transfer of the files. Once you signup with FilesDIRECT, you will have a customized file upload page ready to be used by your clients or associates. You simply give the senders your upload page URL, and you will be able to receive large files easily over the Internet without the sender having to email the large files. With FilesDIRECT, receiving large files has become much easier then the conventional 'email' method. Please set up a 14 day trial and start to receive large files easily and effectively over the Internet now, without the unreliability of email or the hassle of FTP.