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Receive Large Files

Learn more about how to receive large files.

FilesDIRECT offers solutions to receive large files that are built for businesses and organizations that send and receive files regularly from multiple contacts such as clients and contractors. FilesDIRECT eliminates the hassles of FTP and limitations of Email.

To receive large files the program revolves around the idea that clients and contractors must be able to send and receive files easily without the hassles of logging in with an account. Only the organization will require an account with FilesDIRECT.

When an organization signs up with FilesDIRECT, the system generates a web page specifically for that organization to send and receive files. When clients and contractors want to send files, they simply visit this web page, selects their files to send, and click "Send". The files will be stored on the FilesDIRECT server, only accessible by the organization.

Our site to receive large files automatically sends two Emails: a confirmation to the sender, and a notification to the receiver. The organization logs into their account and downloads the files as needed. These files are only removed from the server when the organization chooses to do so.

The organization may also choose to send files that are within the FilesDIRECT server to another client or contractor.  The client will receive an Email notification that the files are ready to be picked up.  No account is necessary for the client.

Also, our solutions to Receive Large Files are secure with SSL (128-bit) encryption, and FilesDIRECT has the same level of encryption used for online banking. Each organization's files are kept in separate locations, and only that organization will have access to these files.

For more information about Filesdirect, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.

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Receive Large Files
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