Privacy Policy

The security and privacy of customer data is FilesDIRECT's top priority.Secure Internet File Sharing and Program Transfer Solutions

  • Files stored within the FilesDIRECT system is the sole property of FilesDIRECT customers and is not accessible to FileDIRECT employees.
  • Only FilesDIRECT customers can enter and use their file(s). The file(s) are kept secure and private.
  • The FilesDIRECT system employs 128-bit secure-socket layer (SSL) file/data encryption, the same level of encryption required for on-line banking.
  • FilesDIRECT is not responsible for the possible transmission of Viruses via the transfer system. All users should have the proper protection against viruses on their computers.
  • All credit card information on the system is encrypted before they are stored in the FilesDIRECT database.