Available File Transfer Features

Secure | Easy to use | Support large files | Multi Platform Support


  • Transfer with SSL (128-bit) EncryptionFast & Secure Peer To Peer File Sharing Software
  • An organization can only receive files destined to them


  • Low monthly fee - $18
  • No server setup or maintenance
  • No long distance charges
  • No burning CD's
  • No courier charges


  • Instant confirmation to sender
  • Instant notification to receiver

Easy to use

  • User-friendly with "One-click" send
  • No hassle of FTP
  • No additional software needed
  • No account necessary for senders
  • Simultaneously send files from anywhere, anytime, through the Internet

Support large files

  • No limitations of Email
  • Up to 2GB from a single transfer

Multi Platform Support

  • Compatible with any platform