FilesDIRECT Innovations Contest

FilesDIRECT is proud to announce our first “Innovations” contest! We were one of the first companies created to help you email large files, and we pioneered several of the technologies and features widely used today. We’re constantly upgrading our service, but the truth is that our users know what they want better than anyone else…so we’ve decided to get their thoughts on the matter!

Starting today, FilesDIRECT is looking for your ideas: what cool new features would you like to see? What improvements, apps or additions to the service do you think would take it to the next level?

The FilesDIRECT team will choose the top 3 ideas – not only will the winners have the satisfaction of having their brilliance immortalized (well, nearly so) by having their ideas incorporated into FilesDIRECT, but they’ll get some exciting prizes too. The prizes for this first contest are:

1st place: an Apple iPad and a Starter account FREE for one year

2nd place: an Apple iPad

3rd place: a free Starter account for one full year

Fill out this form to enter today:

Everyone is welcome to participate – even if they are not yet a member – and we want to wish everyone good luck. Everyone here at FilesDIRECT looks forward to seeing what your fine minds come up with!