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How can an audio production company use FilesDIRECT?

Modern audio production is increasingly reliant on digital techniques and audio files are often traded between a company and its clients. Audio files are usually large in size, and getting them to and from your clients may be problematic. Your clients demand simplicity, but simple email isn’t capable of sending or receiving large files. You need a way to transfer your files that is easy to use, reliable and fast. FilesDIRECT large file transfer service is the easiest way to transfer large audio files and you never have to worry your clients with FTP addresses, usernames or passwords.


ShowTime Audio Productions serves a variety of customers and produces custom audio for presentations, performances and exhibitions. ShowTime had been hand delivering files to its clients on CD but its client list was growing and it was getting impractical to physically deliver content. Management looked at the options for more efficient file delivery, including courier services and FTP but decided that they needed something that was faster and easier.


The solution was online file transfer using FilesDIRECT. FilesDIRECT allowed all digital audio files, no matter how large, to be sent immediately to all of ShowTime’s clients. The clients were delighted with the change as service was even faster than it was before. They could quickly review the audio and contact ShowTime with constructive comments. This process saved time for both parties.

FilesDIRECT gives you the ability to send large audio files in a reliable and user friendly way. No software ever has to be installed on your machine or your clients machine. Receiving audio files is also very easy. With your account, clients will be able to upload files to you through a simple, customized web interface. This allows you to integrate the upload page with your existing website! FilesDIRECT takes away the headache related to sending large audio files . Try the service today and see for yourself! Sign up for our free trial!

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