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 Monthly FeeTransfer Limit
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Additional Transfers
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Storage Limit
Plan Duration
Trial Free! 150 N/A 150 2 Weeks
Starter $18.00 US 250 $0.14 US 250 1 Month
Store 500 $28.00 US 500 $0.12 US 500 1 Month
Store 1000 $50.00 US 1000 $0.10 US 1000 1 Month
Store 2500 $80.00 US 2500 $0.08 US 2500 1 Month
Store 5000 $130.00 US 5000 $0.06 US 5000 1 Month
Store 10000 $200.00 US 10000 $0.04 US 10000 1 Month
Store 25000 $350.00 US 25000 $0.03 US 25000 1 Month
Store 50000 $500.00 US 50000 $0.02 US 50000 1 Month
  • The monthly 'transfer limit' is the amount of data uploaded or downloaded to/from our servers included in the plan, additional bandwidth used is billed as indicated.
  • A one time setup fee of $20.00 will be charged on plans that charge a monthly fee.
  • The trial plan is valid for 14 days.  After 14 days, your account is automatically upgraded to the Starter plan and an one time setup fee of $20.00 is automatically charged.
    If you cancel prior to the expiry, no charges will be applied.
  • For more information regarding how billing and accounts work, visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

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