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Welcome to Files Direct!  Send large files and receive large files with our 14 day free trial.

FilesDIRECT is a web based file transfer service built for businesses and organizations that send large files and receive large files regularly from multiple contacts such as clients and contractors. Send and receive large files via the Internet Without the hassle of FTP or the limitations of E-mail!
SSL (128-bit) Encryption
No server setup or maintenance
Instant confirmation to sender
Instant notification to receiver
One click send
No additional software required

Send Large Files

One of the most important aspects of the Internet is the ability to send large files easily.  Email is still the primary way to recieve or send large files over the Internet.  Unfortunately, using Email to send large files or recieve large files is fraught with drawbacks.  In today's world, file sizes are getting larger and larger but email technology has not advanced at the same pace.  It is no longer efficient to send large files via Email and in many cases it is impossible.  This is why FilesDIRECT was introduced.  It is an Internet based system that facilitates both sending large files and recieving large files.  The FilesDIRECT account holder can easily transfer files to its clients and associates.  Printers, graphics artists, lawyers, video production companies, music production companies, and many other corporations can benefit by using FilesDIRECT.  The best part is, once you have received a file into your FilesDIRECT account, you can quickly redistribute these files by sending them to Email addresses of your choice. The email contains a special link that allows recipients to download thier files.  Sending large files has never been easier than it is with FilesDIRECT. Please set up a 14 day trial and start to send large files and recieve large files easily and effectively.



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