What Our Clients Are Saying

Creative Inks

Up until recently, large file transferring was a nightmare for my business, something I felt I had to live with. I was depending on UPS, FEDEX, TNT, DHL, and the U.S. Postal Service. They in turn were depending on weather and road conditions: sometimes national delivery took more than a week, depending on the season, time I couldn’t afford - and prices I didn’t want to afford - and as the price of fuel skyrockets, so goes the price of delivery.

Then a friend suggested I look into a file transfer service, which I did; I spent a considerable amount of time searching the internet for a service that would fit my needs: not be complicated, easy to use for my customers, no programs to install, affordable and guarantee delivery every time. That’s when I came across FilesDIRECT. You guys outshined all the others; I’ve been using your service for the past six months and can only describe it as “FANTASTIC,” and the best part is, you’re so easy to reach when I have a comment or suggestion. Keep up the good work and fantastic service.

Dennis Mulligan,
Creative Inks

Oak Hill

As a print and design firm our business information and security of our client’s data is our top priority. With FilesDIRECT we are confident that our clients’ data is secure and managed by a staff of support professionals that focus on our needs and give us peace of mind while allowing us to focus on our business.

In the past we have tried other offsite data storage services, but when we needed support all we got was answering machines, high bills and a support team that was less than knowledgeable about their services and our needs. We would recommend FilesDIRECT’s services to our customers and are confident that they will treat them right.

Mike Amaral
President, Oak Hill Printing And Copy Center

Pure Sound & Light AV

The largest files I move to my clients and friends are over 4GB. Being able to do so is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. Thank you FilesDIRECT!


Great service!!! I printed a $5,000 job from a new customer 500 miles away! Your service already has paid for itself (for a few years)

Larry Siegel

Capital Conservator Group

Capital Conservator Group is a small international group of trust and other financial companies. As such, we deal with hundreds of pages of documents, mostly in electronic format. Because of size limitations on email attachments, FilesDIRECT.com has become essential to our operation as the most efficient and safest means of quickly transporting this information within our companies and to our financial partners.

David Finzer
President, Capital Conservator Group LLC

Personal User

Dear Sirs,

After an immediate request to send a file too large for any of my email accounts to handle, I fell upon your service via Google. I went through the painless steps to become a member and I was able to quickly send the files I needed to. After many frustrating encounters with companies who claim to offer a service that does not really work, or services that trick you in to undesired upgrades for actual use, it was refreshing to locate FilesDIRECT. I highly reccomend this service and it will always be my default “go-to” web service when I need to securely and efficiently email large PDFs and the like.
Thanks for making me look good!

Orange County, CA